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 My ex-boyfriend is a jerk?

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PostSubject: My ex-boyfriend is a jerk?   Fri Apr 02, 2010 12:05 pm

I broke up with him exactly 2 weeks ago, after a 3 month relationship.
After I had broke up with him, I called him a douche bag (I had my
reasons: he totally ignored me all through our relationship, and he
flirted with other girls, and lied to me). When I got home from track, I
checked my messages and found a voicemail from him. He said how sorry
he was and he didn't want to break up with me but he didn't think we
liked each other enough (Even though i broke up with him...) and how it
was harsh for me to call him a douchebag but it was my opinion. Then he
said that he wasn't going to ask out his ex that night (it was the
night of the dance), and that was just a rumor that was started because
she liked him again (they had a lot of history - he broke up with my
friend and the same night made out with her and asked her back
out...then she broke up with him, but then liked him before and when we
were dating). Then he ended by saying he was thinking about me at
baseball. He sounded sincere, and sweet, so I naively believed him, as I
believed he had stopped being a player. Later that night at the dance
he asked his ex out...just like he said he wouldn't. Then he came up
with me to talk to me, and I honestly just wanted to have fun and forget
about him, so I said, "You're ruining my night," then walked off and
started dancing and singing the song that was playing with my friends.
He walked over to the corner and put his head in his hands. And stayed
that way, until a slow song came on and he danced (closely) with his
former ex. When the night ended he hugged her closely and said a bunch
of sweet things to her. After the dance I left him a message saying I
wasn't going to cry over him, i was better than that, etc etc etc. He
called me the next day and said he had got my message and said I was,
"sweet, nice, everything." in a caring tone. Over the next week we were
mad at each other though, he told me to, "leave him the h*ll alone" and
got his gf to cuss me out and try to intimidate me. But a few days ago a
boy shoved me hard when I tried to break up a fight between him and
this other guy, and he got mad at the boy who shoved me and asked if i
was okay. I said, "I'm fine," and walked away. I ended up texting him
& telling him, "thank you, but i can handle myself," etc etc. He
replied back and told me that hes not going to let someone shove one of
his exes and he would be there for me. I've seen him staring at me, but
when I caught his eye I would pretend to gaze at this guy so he would
think I liked another. And one time I even asked him for advice. He
asked, "what Smile" then i said, "boy advice on a guy, but you don't know
him so don't be weird" and he didn't reply (: now he's been making jokes
with me & saying a few things to me in class...

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My ex-boyfriend is a jerk?
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