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 the election, Bush carried 31 o

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PostSubject: the election, Bush carried 31 o   Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:38 am

ment to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,[87] support for the USA PATRIOT Act,[88] a renewed shift in policy for constitutional amendments banning abortion and same-sex marriage,[87][89] reforming Social Security to create private investment accounts,[87] creation of an ownership society,[87] and opposing mandatory carbon emissions controls.[90] Bush also called for the implementation of a guest worker program for immigrants,[87] which was criticized by conservatives.[91]

The Bush campaign advertised across the U.S. against Democratic candidates, including Bush's emerging opponent, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry. Kerry and other Democrats attacked Bush on the Iraq War, and accused him of failing to stimulate the economy and job growth. The Bush campaign portrayed Kerry as a staunch liberal who would raise taxes and increase the size of government. The Bush campaign continuously criticized Kerry's seemingly contradictory statements on the war in Iraq,[57] and argued that Kerry lacked the decisiveness and vision necessary for success in the War on Terror.

In the election, Bush carried 31 o
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the election, Bush carried 31 o
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