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  Roosevelt has been by far

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PostSubject: Roosevelt has been by far   Sat Jun 25, 2011 8:18 pm

e treatment of polio patients which still operates as the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation.[47] After he became President, he helped to found the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis (now known as the March of Dimes).

At the time, Roosevelt was able to convince many people that he was getting better, which he believed was essential if he was to run for public office again. Fitting his hips and legs with iron braces, he laboriously taught himself to walk a short distance by swiveling his torso while supporting himself with a cane. In private, he used a wheelchair, but he was careful never to be seen in it in public. He usually appeared in public standing upright, supported on one side by an aide or one of his sons. FDR used a car with specially designed hand controls, which provided him further mobility.[48]

In the public mind, Roosevelt has been by far
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Roosevelt has been by far
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