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  what I just said in there? I sure didn't."[153]

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PostSubject: what I just said in there? I sure didn't."[153]   Tue Jun 28, 2011 11:40 am

ts of the price increase. The administration's actions influenced US Steel not to institute the price increase.[149] The Wall Street Journal wrote that the administration had acted "by naked power, by threats, by agents of the state security police."[150][page needed] Yale law professor Charles Reich wrote in The New Republic his opinion that the administration had violated civil liberties by calling a grand jury to indict US Steel for collusion so quickly.[150][page needed] A New York Times editorial praised Kennedy's actions and said that the steel industry's price increase "imperils the economic welfare of the country by inviting a tidal wave of inflation."[151] Nevertheless, the administration's Bureau of Budget reported the price increase would have resulted in a net gain for GDP as well as a net budget surplus.[152]

Kennedy had little knowledge of the agricultural sector of the economy, and farmers were definitely not on his list of priorities, at least in his 1960 campaign. After giving a speech to a farming community, he rhetorically asked an aide, "Did you understand any of what I just said in there? I sure didn't."[153]
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what I just said in there? I sure didn't."[153]
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