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  was also Hoover who contacted the White House to i

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PostSubject: was also Hoover who contacted the White House to i   Sat Jul 02, 2011 10:11 am

presentative White, Hoover brought the issue of radio control to the senate floor. Hoover fought for more censorship rights to battle the growing amounts of licensed stations. (which in 1927, stood at 732 stations) Hoover, with the help of Dill and White, promoted the Dill-White Bill which eventually would become the Radio Act of 1927. This act allowed the government to step in and abolish radio stations that were deemed "non-useful" to the public. Hoover's attempts at regulating radio were not supported by all congressmen and he received a lot of heat from the senate and radio stations as well. However, Hoover's contributions to regulate radio were very important in the founding of our modern radio system. [20]

Hoover also played a key role in major projects for navigation, irrigation of dry lands, electrical power, and flood control. As the new air transport industry developed, Hoover held a conference on aviation to promote codes and regulations. He became president of the American Child Health Organization, and he raised private funds to promote health education in schools and communities.

Although he continued to consider Harding ill-suited to be President, the two men nevertheless became friends. Hoover accompanied Harding on his final trip out West in 1923. It was Hoover who called for a specialist to tend to the ailing Chief Executive, and it was also Hoover who contacted the White House to i
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was also Hoover who contacted the White House to i
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