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 The gills are adnate

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PostSubject: The gills are adnate   Sat Jul 09, 2011 11:39 pm

It is firm, with a velvety or smooth surface that sometimes has depressions running longitudinally up and down its length. The gills are adnate to slightly decurrent, brittle, narrow, quite closely spaced and sometimes forked. Normally a pale golden yellow colour, the gills turn brown when bruised. Interspersed between the gills are lamellulae, short gills that do not extend to the stem. The flesh is whitish and firm. The mushroom smells somewhat fishy;[27] one source suggests the odour is "like a dead shad, which anglers will tell you is probably the most malodorous freshwater fish".[29] The odour is concentrated when the fruit bodies are dried. One of the mushroom's most distinctive features is the abundant latex, so plentiful that a small nick on the gills will cause it to "weep" the milky substance.[16] The latex tends to impart brown stains on whatever it contacts.[29]
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The gills are adnate
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