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 arget of anti-Catholicis

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PostSubject: arget of anti-Catholicis   Mon Jul 11, 2011 10:39 am

efficiency and prosperity against Democratic candidate Alfred E. Smith. Smith was the target of anti-Catholicism from some Protestant communities, much to Hoover's advantage. Both Hoover and Smith positioned themselves as pro-business, and each promised to improve conditions for farmers, reform immigration laws, and maintain America's isolationist foreign policy. Where they differed was on the Volstead Act. Smith was a "wet" who called for its repeal, whereas Hoover gave public support for Prohibition, calling it an "experiment noble in purpose".[26] What few voters knew, however, was that in private Hoover secretly did not support the Volstead Act, and was known to frequent the Belgian Embassy, which was technically located on foreign land, to enjoy alcoholic drinks before going home from work at the Commerce department. Hoover used to grumble that all Prohibition successfully did was to force him to dispose of his celebrated wine cellar.[citation needed]
Prohibition provided a means for Hoover's sunew gucci for woman
importence supplements
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arget of anti-Catholicis
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