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 n Merlin gowns

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PostSubject: n Merlin gowns   Sat Jul 16, 2011 12:46 am

The evening opened with Prabhupada's followers men in Merlin gowns and women in saris chanting Hare Krishna to an Indian tune, followed by Moby Grape.[37] When the swami himself arrived at 10 PM, the crowd of hippies rose to their feet to respectfully greet him with applause and cheers.[4] Gurudas, one of the event's organizers, describes the effect that Prabhupada's arrival had on the audience, "Then Swami Bhaktivedanta entered. He looked like a Vedic sage, exalted and otherworldly. As he advanced towards the stage, the crowd parted and made way for him, like the surfer riding a wave. He glided onto the stage, sat down and began playing the kartals."[6]
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n Merlin gowns
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