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  Atmospheric model

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PostSubject: Atmospheric model   Wed Aug 10, 2011 2:44 am

Main article: Atmospheric model
A prognostic chart of the North American continent provides geopotential heights, temperatures, and wind velocities at regular intervals. The values are taken at the altitude corresponding to the 850-millibar pressure surface.
A prognostic chart of the 96-hour forecast of 850 mbar geopotential height and temperature from the Global Forecast System

An atmospheric model is a computer program that produces meteorological information for future times at given locations and altitudes. Within any modern model is a set of equations, known as the primitive equations, used to predict the future state of the atmosphere.[34] These equations—along with the ideal gas law—are used to evolve the density, pressure, and potential temperature scalar fields and the air velocity (wind) vector field of the atmosphere through time. Additional transport equations for pollutants and other aerosols are included in some primitive-equation high-resolution models as well.[35]
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Atmospheric model
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