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 The usual Old Norse form of Norway is Noregr

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PostSubject: The usual Old Norse form of Norway is Noregr   Mon Aug 22, 2011 8:03 am

The usual Old Norse form of Norway is Noregr, and the usual mediŠval Latin form Nor(th)vegia, though the earliest known written occurrence of the name is English (in the late-9th-century account of the travels of Ohthere of Hňlogaland), in the form nor­weg.[14][15] Some mediŠval texts attribute the name eponymously to the mythical King Nˇrr, son of SnŠr (a personification of snow), again a descendant of Fornjˇt, a legendary ruler of Finland. However, it's generally assumed the name is derived from Old Norse *nor­vegr, meaning "the northern route" (the way northwards). Norse also had the terms austrvegr "the lands in the east" (Russia), vestrvegr "the lands in the west" (Britain and Ireland) and su­rvegr "the lands in the south" (the Mediterranean). There is, however, some possibility that mediŠval forms in nor­-, north- are folk-etymologizations and that the name has other origins.

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The usual Old Norse form of Norway is Noregr
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