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 Ever since the first Moroccan

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PostSubject: Ever since the first Moroccan   Mon Oct 24, 2011 9:39 pm

Ever since the first Moroccan crisis (over the colonial status of Morocco, between March 1905 and May 1906,) there had been an arms race, over their respective navies. However there were events leading up to this. Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan was an American naval officer, extremely interested in British naval history. In 1887, he published The Influence of Sea Power upon History. The theme of this book was naval supremacy as the key to the modern world. His argument was that every nation that had ruled the waves, from Rome to Great Britain, had prospered and thrived, while those that lacked naval supremacy, such as Hannibal’s Carthage or Napoleon’s France, had not. He hypothesized that what Britain had done in building a navy to control the world’s sea lanes, others could also do — indeed must do if they were to keep up with the race for wealth and empire in the te koop aangeboden
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Ever since the first Moroccan
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