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 Standing at the next

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PostSubject: Standing at the next    Sun Oct 30, 2011 11:18 pm

checkout is the old woman in the blue coat, and she calls triumphantly, 的 took your advice! I致e got her one of those traveling books. I think she値l really like it!

徹h good, I reply, handing my recipe book over to be scanned.

的t痴 calledThe Rough Guide to India, says the old woman, showing me the fat blue paperback. 滴ave you heard of it?

徹h, I say. 展ell, yes, but卵

典hat痴 £24.99, please, says the girl at my till.

What? I look at the girl in dismay. Twenty-five quid, just for recipes? Why couldn稚 I have picked up some cheap paperback? Damn.Damn. Very reluctantly, I take out my credit card and hand it over. Shopping is one thing, being forced into purchases against your will is something else. I mean, I could have bought some nice underwear with that twenty-five quid.

On the other hand, I think as I walk away, that痴 quite a lot of new points on my Club Card. The equivalent to . . . fifty pence! And now I値l be able to make loads of delicious, exotic curries and save all that wasted takeaway money. Really, I致e got to think of this book as an investment.

I don稚 want to boast, but apart from that one purchase, I do incredibly well over the next couple of days. The only things I buy are a really nice chrome flask to take coffee into the office. (And some coffee beans and an electric grinder.) And some flow-ers and champagne for Suze痴 birthday.
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Standing at the next
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