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 Akihiro Kitamura as Katsuro

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PostSubject: Akihiro Kitamura as Katsuro   Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:59 am

# Akihiro Kitamura as Katsuro, a Japanese tourist and front section of the centipede. Having already acted in or written for a number of films and television shows (including popular American television series Heroes),[4] Kitamura was a relatively experienced actor compared to other cast members. He auditioned for the role of Katsuro via Skype from Los Angeles after the casting director saw him on television and recommended him for the role.[13] The rest of the cast did not meet Kitamura until the day before shooting commenced.[7]
# Rene de Wit as Truck Driver, one of Heiter's victims. De Wit had previously worked with Six in his 2008 film I Love Dries.[14]
# Andreas Leupold as Detective Kranz, a police officer.
# Peter Blankenstein as Detective Voller, Kranz's partner.Ice Dam Prevention
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Akihiro Kitamura as Katsuro
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