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 How do I know this?

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PostSubject: How do I know this?    Sun Oct 24, 2010 10:56 pm

How do I know this? I learned the hard way. I built a very lucrative business using technology, strategies, models, tools and by taking massive action. And, even though I made a lot of money, the business felt wobbly. Because nobody had taught me how important it was to make sure my business was built on a rock-solid INTERNAL foundation. There had been such a focus on the outside (on the external) and well, that didnít work for meÖ for the soulís path that Iím on.

Had I only known then, what I know now. Had someone loved me enough to tell me the truth of what was really going on. I remember asking for help to see my blind spots. I knew I had them, but nobody said anything (except my husband, of course... but for those of you who are married, you know how challenging it can be to "hear" things from your spouse sometimes). The feedback I received was that I was doing great, I should just keep going, that I was nuts to think something wasn't working.

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How do I know this?
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